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Looks Like We're Going to Get a Fifth Season of 'Arrested Development'

The show's executive producer Brian Glazer said "all the actors have agreed to do it" and they're "really close to pulling it off."
Image via Netflix

It seems like the long-awaited fifth season of Arrested Development is actually going to happen. The show's executive producer Brian Glazer told the Wrap this week that they're "really close to pulling [a new season] off."

Arrested Development, of course, began its life on FOX in 2003, but the network killed it after three seasons because of bad ratings. The show became a cult hit, though, and its popularity only grew after it went off the air.

Netflix got the Bluths back together in 2013 and revived the series for a fourth season, but there hasn't been much in the way of fifth season plans until now. Glazer had hinted at the idea of another season back in 2015, but apparently the pieces are only falling into place now.

"All of the actors have agreed to do it, and I think they've agreed to their compensation structure," Glazer said. "It should be happening soon."

Netflix's fourth season was an obtuse, sometimes frustrating puzzle of interlocking plots that didn't really work on an episode level and only really came together when viewed as a whole. The wonky-ass narrative structure was mostly due to the fact that scheduling conflicts made it difficult to get the entire cast together in one place, so hopefully Glazer's got that figured out this time around.

There's still no official start date for filming or even a definitive promise that filming will actually happen, but a fifth season is at least a strong possibility at this point, so that's something.