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College Rowers Attacked by Flying Fish

A rowing team from Washington University was attacked by a school of flying fish during a morning practice.
April 13, 2015, 7:45am

We've all been there: you're out with your Washington University (St. Louis) rowing team-mates on an idyllic morning on Creve Coeur Lake getting that blood and those juices flowing for another day at school. You're rowing together, a finely tuned machine working toward a common goal. It's a life lesson, as well as nice bit of cardio. Your work over, you head to the docks and your land-bound friends and OH MY GOD THE LAKE IS VOMITING FISH BACK AT US.

Somehow your rowing team has come across a school of flying Asian carp and they are hurling themselves out of the water and at you, your team-mates, and your boats. Apparently it smells, and the fish aren't just nuisances, they are destructive. Some guy's seat gets destroyed and goes overboard. It's almost like the boat is a foreign object and the fish are the lake's white blood cells. Which is kind of magical to think of, but still, fish are gross and creepy.