We Show You the Future of Hacking on ‘Cyberwar’

Tonight on SBS VICELAND, we're looking at some of the most shocking, scary hacks of the past 10 years.
November 17, 2016, 12:00am

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In 2016, hacks and data breaches have become the norm. Hacking and cybersecurity are increasingly becoming a concern for politicians, academics, and everyday people.

This is not going to stop any time soon. In the future, as some experts are predicting wars will be fought online. If not exclusively on the internet, the wars and espionage campaigns of tomorrow will have a huge cyber component. SBS VICELAND and Motherboard's former editor Ben Makuch are going to explore the future of hacking, spying and online warfare in a new series called CYBERWAR.

The series will look at Chinese and Russian hackers, the cyber mercenaries who sell spying tools to repressive regimes, and some of the most important and shocking hacks of the past 10 years.