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Hair Everywhere

Ask yourself this: Am I really in a position to be complaining about what a woman does with her body hair? No. You should be down on your knees, praising any woman who'd allow you to take as much as a whiff of her sweat wicks.

Quiksilver bikini top

Fashion Coordination: Annette Lamothe-Ramos

Models: Arvida Bystrom, Katya Lindeberg, and Julia Thelin

Special thanks to Katya Lindeberg

American Apparel socks, Topshop shoes

American Apparel shirt, Topshop shorts

American Apparel shirts and underwear

Quiksilver bikini bottom

Tiger of Sweden shirt; Topshop dress; Filppa K dress

Private top, Carin Wester skirt

Tiger of Sweeden shoes; American Apparel shoes; Tiger of Sweeden shoes