Nardwuar Jamming with Lil B Is the Most Beautiful Thing You'll See Today

Let the BasedGod and the Human Serviette transport you to pure joy.
September 26, 2017, 5:35pm

Many a moon ago, Nardwuar interviewed Lil B at the 2011 edition of SXSW. It's an important moment for Nardwuar, as it began his transformation into one of rap's favourite interviewers, and an equally crucial one for Lil B. He gave us classic pieces of 2010s philosophy like "Radiation from the computer screen is hurting my eyes! I love it!" and explained the Holy Trinity of the BasedGod ("perfect"), Brandon McCartney ("an author"), and Lil B himself ("the rawest rapper alive"). In accordance with holy texts (read: Twitter), the two have reunited at an event celebrating 30 years of Nardwuar's radio show in Vancouver, Canada.


The two begin by reminiscing about that fated 2011 interview, before Nardwuar's longtime band the Evaporators launch into a trap beat (yes, seriously) as B dons a chef's apron to do the cooking dance he introduced to the world. Later, the both of them crowd surf while the band rocks out. If you can watch this video without smiling in your soul, you may as well not have one at all. Check it out above.

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