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Listen to "Special" from Angel Olsen’s Upcoming B-Sides and Rarities Album

'Phases' is out November 10 on Jagjaguwar.

A year on from the release of her third LP, My Woman, Angel Olsen has announced details of a B-sides and rarities compilation. Phases is out November 10 on Jagjaguwar and will feature three previously unheard tracks. Two of them—"How Many Disasters" and "Sans"—are home recordings. The third is "Special," a cut from the My Woman sessions, which you can hear at the top of the page. It's seven drowsy, hypnotic minutes of Olsen drawling on top of overdriven guitars. It's easy to see it as a track on My Woman. But it could just have easily turned into a twisted, psychedelic exploration, all hazy and acid-addled, Olsen singing, "I'm just a vessel / Far away I see you / Too many like us."


"Fly On Your Wall," released as part of the Our First 100 Days project, also gets another life on Phases, which is cool. Actually, you should go listen to that again here, because it's great.

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