Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, October 2018
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli
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Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, October 2018

Venus is retrograde in your sign this month, Scorpio!
September 28, 2018, 2:25pm

Welcome to October, little scorpion! You just have to go through some short weeks of basic, pumpkin-spiced Libra vibes until Scorpio season arrives! That said, things are off to an intense start this month as communication planet Mercury squares off with your ruling planet, Pluto, on October 2—secrets will be exposed! Piping hot tea is poured. Your psychic intuition is also being boosted, but it’s important that you don’t let your imagination run wild, and more importantly, that you don’t let yourself be swayed by the manipulative words of others—yes, Scorpio, there are shady people everywhere and you must be vigilantly aware of them as trickster Mercury collides with devious Pluto.


October is sure to be an important month for you this year because Venus will retrograde in your sign, starting on October 5 until November 16. Like Mercury retrograde, you can expect to run into people from your past. Think back to autumn 2010—that was the last time Venus was retrograde in your sign, and similar themes are sure to come up for you to work with again. History isn’t doomed to repeat itself, but it would be wise to reflect on all the living you’ve done to glean some insight! While 2010 is sure to hold some wisdom for you, if you can’t remember what was going on for you back then (and I do recommend looking through your old emails to jog your memory), just thinking back over this last month or so will be helpful, since Venus entered its pre-shadow period on September 3.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and money, but it’s also the planet of value. What’s important to you, Scorpio? Are you important to you? Do you believe in yourself, your worth, your talents, everything you bring to the table? Sweet, lovely Venus in brooding Scorpio is a complicated energy, because all Venus wants to do is lounge, flirt, and keep things light, but all your sign wants to do is dig beneath the surface—and digging is messy. Venus is not used to getting her manicured nails dirty. Venus in Scorpio wonders if she has been a bad girl…of course, this can have a very sexy twist (and you are a very sexy sign), but this can also manifest as insecurity around whether you are good enough. Spoiler alert: of course you are!


No one is like you, Scorpio; be gentle with yourself as Venus retrogrades in your sign, and use the energy to dive deeply into what your wants and desires are; not figuring out how you can be better or more desirable to others. One warning: Venus retrograde is a shit time for a makeover, so avoid unnecessary tears by dodging the salon!

The new moon in Libra arrives on October 8—new moons mark new beginnings, and this is a perfect time to start a new routine in your spiritual or meditative practice, or really, anything concerning your intuitive abilities. Dream work is also a fantastic thing to focus on at this time. Perhaps Libra season isn’t so basic after all, little scorpion!

Mercury enters your sign, Scorpio, on October 9, finding you in a much chattier mood than you have been in lately. You’re ready to talk about some things that have been brewing in the back of your mind. A surprising piece of information comes on October 10, when Mercury opposes Uranus—the same day Venus retrograde will clash with one of your planetary rulers, Mars, sparking passion. On October 12, the sun squares off with your other planetary ruler, Pluto, stirring up control issues and bringing some juicy information to light (watch out for huge egos!), and later this month, on October 22, Mercury will also connect with Pluto to find you sharing intriguing information once again.

Scorpio season begins on October 23! The sun opposes Uranus on October 23 as well, which will find you itching for freedom—Uranus is in the rebel of the zodiac and you’re all about doing your own thing right now. Since Uranus entered Taurus last spring, you have found yourself connecting with unusual people, and with that, you've been changing, too. You’re ready to depart from an old way of approaching relationships now. October 24 brings the full moon in Taurus, causing a major release in your relationships. A climax will take place in a partnership. Whatever has been brewing beneath the surface will come to light. Your sign’s symbolism is closely tied to death, but spring time sign Taurus is all about life—this full moon is a reminder that endings bring new life, too. An emotional release is taking place during this full moon, but as you let go, you're also making room within yourself and your life for new love!

Communication planet Mercury enters Sagittarius on Halloween, which should make for a fun celebration! Sagittarius knows how to party, and Mercury loves nothing more than bouncing around town, meeting new people, sharing ideas, and trick-or-treating (well, mosre trick than treat when it comes to Mercury). Over the next few weeks, Mercury in Sagittarius will find you doing plenty of paperwork around money and your budget, and discussing cash and security. Mercury in Sagittarius will help you sell yourself if you’re going on interviews or attending meetings about raises or clients. Mercury in Sagittarius can have a big mouth, but Scorpio, I trust you know when to keep your mouth shut!

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Halloween is going to bring some important shifts during this Venus retrograde—Venus will oppose Uranus, and then re-enter Libra. Venus’s opposition to Uranus will find unexpected meetings taking place, and you’ll feel compelled to make some big changes. You’re itching for freedom—if you’ve been stuck in a cycle with someone, you will be so ready to break free at this time! Think back to September 12, as a similar (or maybe even the same!) issue was likely taking place.

Expect to feel much more private about your love life and finances once Venus re-enters Libra, and to feel more shy, too. You’re valuing your alone time now. But, you’re also not feeling totally averse to a secret affair, so some secret hook-ups are possible! What you do behind closed doors is no one’s business, and you might find that exploring your feelings on your own, without the input of your friends and family, is helpful. Good luck this month, little scorpion, and see you in November!