Watch Kendrick Lamar's National Championship Halftime Performance

K Dot's rendition of "All the Stars" and a couple of 'DAMN.' cuts at the college football national championship was the highlight of the game.

Kendrick Lamar performed tonight at halftime the college football national championship game, and though the matchup between the Georgia and Alabama has been a pretty boring one, Kendrick did not disappoint.

Kendrick ran through "DNA.," "ELEMENT.," "HUMBLE.," and his verse off "All the Stars," his new single from Black Panther, in an energetic performance. It's worth pointing out that Donald Trump was at the game, but left just before the halftime performances, and Kendrick actually performed nearby at Centennial Park, not on the field. But just Imagine Donald Trump sitting through a Kendrick Lamar set getting madder and madder while Kendrick kills it. Just picture it. That's going to have to be enough for now. Do you think Donald Trump knows who Kendrick Lamar is? For now we'll just have to wonder. Check out the full performance above.