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Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, November 2018

Blessed solar return, little scorpion!

You’re celebrating life during a season when all zodiac signs celebrate the souls of those who have passed before us—Halloween has come and gone, and the veil is thinning. Your solar return this year is unique, as Venus—the planet of love, beauty, money, and values—is retrograde in Libra until November 16, stirring up issues from September of this year and way back from autumn 2010 (the last time Venus was retrograde in this sign). Venus began its retrograde in Scorpio on October 5, and on Halloween, it reentered Libra, shifting your focus from yourself, like how you look and present yourself and who you are in relationships, to more behind-the-scenes issues like secret affairs, your dream world, spiritual practice, and subconscious mind. Things may shift with a secret crush now, or perhaps something that you haven’t been able to see clearly about yourself will come to the surface.


Of course, there are still a few days left of Scorpio season after November 16…which will find Mercury retrograde! No, this isn’t a cruel joke from the universe, Scorpio. Mercury retrograde is a chance to pause and review the lessons you have learned while Venus was retrograde. Taking things “slow and easy” isn’t always your style, but sometimes that’s exactly what’s best! Mercury retrograde is actually pretty wonderful unless you try to work against its energy—expect delays (so take your time!), don’t make big purchases (use what you have!), watch out for miscommunications (keep things simple!), and hold off on signing contracts if you can.

Because this Mercury retrograde is in extravagant Sagittarius and activating the financial sector of your chart, you can bet that money will be an especially important topic during this time—make sure not to lose your wallet and avoid making important investments. Venus retrograde’s forward motion through Libra will find you resting up, getting ready to reemerge after some private time away, so honor Mercury retrograde by keeping your phone turned off and focusing on quality alone time until December 3, when Venus reenters your sign.

On November 6, a wonderfully creative energy will flow as the sun—the source of life—connects with the planet of dreams and fantasy, Neptune (currently in fellow water sign Pisces), making this a wonderful time to work on your artistic projects, but also to connect on a spiritual, emotional, and empathetic level with the people you have fun and/or sleep with. Also on November 6, Uranus will reenter Aries, bringing scheduling issues to the surface (especially ones that you thought you had resolved earlier this year), as well as pushing you to kick old habits and try some new, and even unusual, ways to make your life healthier.


You hit a rocky road in your relationships toward the second half of spring 2018, and Uranus in Aries will offer you a chance to step back from the fray and think about how your day-to-day responsibilities and self-care routines (or lack thereof) contribute to the dynamic in your relationships. I don’t say this to put all of the responsibility on you—relationships take two! While you do this inner work, your partners will also have to look at the ways they shoot themselves in the foot with unconscious behavior or with their own immature spontaneity.

A new moon in your sign, Scorpio, arrives on November 7, offering a fresh start—the phoenix rises from the ashes! Make time for self-care on this day, little scorpion: spend time with your best friends, your sexiest lovers, and cook your favorite meals. Love yourself deeply and thoroughly. Leave no inch of yourself un-cherished. If you find yourself feeling frustrated because you feel like you don’t know what's next for you, remember the message of the new moon: What’s next is up to you. Set your imagination free. Stay open to all possibilities and don’t limit yourself by entertaining paranoid fantasies.

Another important date to watch for is November 8, when Jupiter enters Sagittarius—a huge shift in your life will take place as the planet of luck and expansion activates the financial sector of your chart! The last time you experienced this blessing was way back in 2006 and 2007. Between now and December 2, 2019, when Jupiter enters Capricorn, you will undergo a major growth spurt around not just money, but also self-esteem, as your confidence soars—you know your worth! This is a wonderful time to learn more about investing and budgeting.


Venus retrograde connects with one of your ruling planets, Mars, on November 9, creating a gentle yet productive flow for processing deeply emotional issues. Things you’ve pent up are able to be released and left in the past. Memories may resurface that help you make sense of your current situation. The mood goes from soft and sensitive to take-charge: The sun connects with your other ruling planet, Pluto, on November 11, which will be an especially powerful day for communicating and negotiating.

Mars connects with Uranus on November 15, bringing unexpected surprises, especially at home or at work, before Mars enters fellow water sign Pisces on November 15, igniting the romance and creativity sector of your chart—exciting! Mars squares off with Jupiter on November 19, which could be an incredibly passionate and inspiring time; however, keep your temper in check and keep in mind that over-the-top drama could arrive!

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The sun enters Sagittarius on November 22, bringing your focus fully to finances and self-worth, and the full moon in Gemini arrives on November 23, which will illuminate issues concerning money—especially debts, taxes, and inheritances. This is a very powerful full moon on an emotional level, too. Gemini is a sign that’s all about communication, and on the downside, it’s a sign that can be nervous or prone to overthinking…hmm, that sounds like a little scorpion I know when they get anxious and ruminate—especially when it comes to sex, intimacy, and trust! The key? Don’t cling! Full moons are a time to release. Let go, let go, let go. It can be very hard to release a thought that’s spinning in your mind—Gemini energy knows this well. Visualize the thought running through you, as if your body were a waterfall. And, if the thought returns, watch the water carry it away again. Another key? The moon in Gemini says: I feel comforted (moon) by communicating (Gemini). Find a trusted friend you can vent to.

Neptune ends its retrograde in Pisces on November 24, finding you lost in your art and your love life, in both the best and worst sense of the word. Do your best to stay grounded, but hey, love and art are some of the best things in life, so if you need to get lost for a bit, it might be quite healing!

The sun, Mercury, and Jupiter align on November 26 and 27, bringing a dash of good luck around cash and a boost in confidence before Mercury squares off with Mars on November 26, creating a fiery and impulsive mood around communication—watch out for tempers or bratty behavior! Productive energy will flow as Mars connects with Saturn on November 27. Also on this day, Venus opposes Uranus, challenging your expectations but also finding you eager to break free of your usual routine—a change has come! Good luck this month, and see you in December, Scorpio!