The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Houston Astros win World Series, Trump calls for death penalty for NYC attack suspect, three killed in Colorado Walmart shooting​, and more.
November 2, 2017, 3:09pm
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US News

Houston Astros Take the World Series
The Astros won their first ever title in game seven of the series, with a 5–1 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Referring to the recent floods in Houston, World Series MVP George Springer said: "I'm so happy for our fans who have endured a lot."—USA Today

Trump Pushes Death Penalty for NYC Attack Suspect
In a late-night tweet Wednesday, the president said Sayfullo Saipov, suspected of killing eight people in the Manhattan truck attack, "SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY!" Trump previously suggested it would be appropriate to send Saipov to Guantánamo Bay. Prosecutors, however, charged him in civilian court Wednesday with providing support for terrorists and causing death with a vehicle, and said he'd planned the attack for a year and had a large quantity of ISIS-related material on his phone.—The Washington Post/VICE News


Three Killed in Colorado Walmart Shooting
Two men and a woman were fatally shot at the chain store in the outskirts of Denver Wednesday evening. Police in Thornton were still searching a white male who drove off in a red Mitsubishi Mirage. Several Walmart customers were said to run screaming from the store at the sound of gunfire.—The Denver Post

Bin Laden Kept 9/11 Truther Video, CIA Files Suggest
The CIA released 470,000 documents found on Osama bin Laden's computer, seized from the al Qaeda leader's Abbottabad compound in 2011. Although CIA director Mike Pompeo said any pornography would not be made public, the release did include a file entitled "asss.gif." Bin Laden also reportedly had a conspiracy video about 9/11 being an inside job.—VICE News

Clinton Justifies Trump Research Dossier
In an interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Hillary Clinton said her campaign had done nothing wrong in paying for research on Donald Trump, an endeavor that helped lead to a dossier claiming Russians had gathered compromising material on the Republican. She said her campaign's lawyer Marc Elias "knows what the law is, he knows what opposition research is."—ABC News

International News

Suu Kyi Tells Muslims to 'Live Peacefully,' Report Says
Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of Myanmar's ruling party, met people from the country's brutally persecuted Muslim minority during a trip to Rakhine state. A representative of the Arakan Project NGO said Suu Kyi told Muslim leaders "they should live peacefully, the government is there to help them, and they should not quarrel among each other." International observers have called the situation there genocide.—Reuters

Catalan Leaders Show Up for Sedition Hearing
Nine senior members of the recently dismissed Catalan regional authority attended a High Court hearing Thursday. The central government has argued for sedition charges, but no one has yet been charged. The former president of the Catalan body, Carles Puigdemont, skipped court, remaining in Belgium, and the prosecutor called for a European arrest warrant to be issued for him.—BBC News


Thirteen Killed in Battle Between Turkish and Kurdish Fighters
Eight Turkish security personnel and 17 Kurdish militants were killed in fighting near Turkey's border with Iraq Thursday. Government soldiers were targeting the PKK, the separatist group the Turks consider a terrorist organization.—Reuters

Everything Else

Beyoncé to Star in 'The Lion King' Remake
The singer will play Nala in the CGI-assisted, live-action update of the Disney classic. The studio released the full cast list Wednesday, revealing Chiwetel Ejiofor will feature as Scar and James Earl Jones will return as Mufasa.—i-D

Brett Ratner Sues Woman Over Rape Allegation
The Hollywood director has launched a lawsuit against Melanie Kohler, claiming a Facebook post accusing him of rape was false and libelous. Kohler alleged Ratner had "preyed on me as a drunk girl [and] forced himself upon me."—Deadline

Kevin Spacey Getting 'Treatment' After Assault Allegations
The actor's publicist said he was "taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment" after he was accused of sexually harassing or assaulting several men, including one who was 14 at the time. Spacey's publicist didn't specify what kind of help his client will receive.—CNN

Brits to Burn Massive Effigy of Harvey Weinstein
The organizers of a bonfire marking the anniversary of Guy Fawkes's unsuccessful effort to blow up Parliament have chosen to torch a 36-foot effigy of Harvey Weinstein. The Edenbridge Bonfire Society in Kent said Weinstein "was the obvious option" amid a deluge of harassment and rape allegations against him. —VICE

Trump Administration Scientists Get Whistleblower Hotline
Advocacy group 314 Action is encouraging government scientists who have secrets to spill in the public interest to reach out via a new hotline and website. "I would hope nobody has to use it," said Shaughnessy Naughton, a 314 Action founder.—Motherboard

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