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Uncovering The Legend of Kurupt FM’s Lost Tape

The story behind a modern day masterpiece is unravelled in a new documentary featuring Craig David, Mike Skinner, P Money and more.

In this world of paper and Pret a Manger some things remain the stuff of legend. The Loch Ness Monster, for example. Or the infamous piss dungeon beneath a pub in Central London, and corner shops that sell glass bottles of fizzy Ribena.

When it comes to music there are similar movements, moments – things so transcendent that once you've heard them you'll spend the rest of your life chasing them all over again. Real you had to be there to witness it shit. The Lost Tape by the legendary Kurupt FM crew is one of these things. It's a tape no one is ready for, mostly because no one owns a tape player nowadays but nonetheless – a modern day legend.

As a lover of modern day history, Ewen Spencer has taken it upon himself to document the story behind The Lost Tape. Already known for his iconic and definitive documentary on UK Garage and work with The Streets and Massive Attack, the piece below is somewhere in the realm of career-defining.

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