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Tom DeLonge’s Latest Facebook Message Is Cryptic AF

The Blink-182 co-founder needs your attention for a minute so he can baffle you senseless.
Imagen vía Facebook/Tom DeLonge

The above photo is of a man that has some important news to get off his chest. The leg on knee signals someone anxious to tell you something that will blow your freaking mind. But he can't say anything. Not yet.

"Hello, my name is Tom DeLonge and I created the band blink-182 years ago with a couple buddies," so starts a rather baffling new Facebook entry from the former blink-182 guitarist.

"But I have something important coming up, and I will need your attention for a minute when it arrives. I am sure it will not be what you are expecting… And, it's (almost) here," he continues cryptically. "Also, sorry about the delay, it was extremely difficult to do and it will make sense to you later."

Later! What's later Tom? When's later? We need to know now Godamit! And don't be telling us that there's some new Boxcar Racer or Angels & Airwaves records on the horizon either. Nobody cares. We only want to know stuff about Blink or aliens. Or both.

Image via Facebook/Tom DeLonge