Sorry But Noel Gallagher Actually Kind of Hates "Wonderwall"

Imagine how tired you'd be of hearing a tune you'd written like 20 years ago, TBF.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
May 26, 2017, 9:56am

I have some bad news. Specifically this is bad news for people who still like The Courteeners, and adult men who own acoustic guitars, but it is bad news all the same. Basically, Noel Gallagher has said that he doesn't "particularly like" Oasis' song "Wonderwall," and with that, you'll probably hear the sound of the hearts of thousands of people who go to Propaganda every week loudly breaking.

He made the devastating admission during an interview with the daddest of all radio stations, Absolute Radio, which is due to air in full on Monday 29 May to celebrate the Elder Gallagher's 50th birthday – watch a clip below that, surprise surprise, features him talking about being a dad. Speaking with anchor Andy Bush, Gallagher said, "'Wonderwall' has become a worldwide hit, and I will get stopped all over the world, in any city you care to name, and people will sing 'Wonderwall'." He continued, with the blow to the hearts of OG fans: "I don't particularly like that song – I think 'Cigarettes and Alcohol' is a far superior song." To be fair, he isn't wrong is he?

In all honesty, you probably would grow to hate a song that drunk people globally probably yell at you about in public when you're just trying to have a quiet one. Gallagher, indeed, is not the only person who has developed this specific resentment: Thom Yorke once told a Montreal crowd who requested Radiohead's "Creep" to "fuck off, we're tired of it," and Robert Plant said he'd "break out in hives" should he have to sing "Stairway to Heaven" every night. You can't blame them, I understand, but perhaps we'll all sing "Wonderwall" with slightly less gusto at the end of a horrible club night now. RIP.

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(Image via Absolute Radio on Twitter)