Pisces, May 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

Pisces, May 2017

We have a lot to discuss this month, Pisces. May is all about communication—expressing yourself effectively, and being a good listener.
May 1, 2017, 1:00pm

It's Taurus season, and the Sun is shining on the sector of your chart that rules your mind and communication, bringing you news and encouraging you to connect with people. However, because nothing can be easy, messenger planet Mercury is retrograde, creating confusion, miscommunication, and delays, especially with your finances. This is not the time to buy expensive things, and be careful not to lose or break any of the fancy shit you already own.


But Mercury retrograde does have its benefits. This is the right time to slow down and reconsider what security means to you. On a practical level, you've become aware of issues of budgeting, and, emotionally, this is a time to reflect on self-worth.

Pisces, you have so many talents—are you putting them to good use, and are you being paid what you're worth? Mercury retrograde is a drag, but the epiphanies concerning self-worth are highly useful.

Mercury ends its retrograde May 3, at which point you'll move forward in addressing these issues. Also on May 3, the Sun connects with your ruling planet, Neptune, which happens to be in your sign, boosting your intuitive abilities—this will be a welcome shift after feeling so confused the last few weeks!

Pisces, you have so many talents—are you putting them to good use, and are you being paid what you're worth?

A full moon in fellow Water sign Scorpio arrives May 10, activating the communication sector of your chart. If a confrontation has been waiting to go down, it finally will—but on the plus side, this is a powerful time for finding compromises and learning from others. Scorpio, like you, is a deep, emotional sign, so the conversations you have will be intense. Some secrets could be revealed, but you're so psychic, Pisces, that I'm sure none of it will be that surprising to you.

Action planet Mars, in Gemini, squares your ruling planet, Neptune, and Mercury trines Saturn, in Sagittarius, on May 11. Trines are harmonious astrological aspects; however, squares bring pressure, which can spur us into action, but they're often stressful. The energy is frustrating; watch for liars, and keep your paranoia in check. Connect with older folks you know and trust—they'll have wisdom to share with you.


The Scorpio full moon has brought up hard issues for people, and the clash between Mars and Neptune finds people acting in weird ways, but May 12 brings better energy. Mars, in chatty Gemini, connects with your traditional planetary ruler, Jupiter, in lovely Libra, bringing you lucky vibes, and helping you get what you want, especially in your close, personal relationships.

Messenger planet Mercury enters grounded Earth sign Taurus on May 15, or May 16, depending on your time zone, bringing you lots of news! Conversations that had to be paused back in mid-April will come back. Your mental acuity is sharp—finally, you'll be quick enough to make snappy comebacks when people say annoying things to you, instead of realizing what the perfect thing to say was hours later!

If a confrontation has been waiting to go down, it finally will on May 10.

Stubborn is one word we can call Taurus—determined, if we're feeling kind. Either way, flexible, fast-moving Mercury can feel a little awkward in this sign; however, when it comes to you, little fish, and your tendency to float around, Mercury in Taurus's influence can be grounding, so I'm optimistic for you!

Love-and-money planet Venus is in Aries, and on May 19, it opposes your ruling planet, Jupiter, in Libra. This should be fun! Probably too much fun. Try not to spend all your money. In fact, some fantastic developments concerning cash flow could come your way, which is why it's important that you stick with the lessons you learned on finances (and self-worth) during Mercury retrograde—as well as during the Venus retrograde, which was earlier this spring, March 5 through April 15.


The Sun enters Air sign Gemini on May 20, illuminating the home and family sector of your chart. Check in with your loved ones, Pisces, and don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling even more emotional than usual. This is a great time to do spiritual work: Heal emotional wounds that have been passed down through the generations, or burn sacred plants in your home for an energetic cleansing. A literal cleansing, where you throw out the trash, would also be a great idea!

The new moon in Gemini is a wonderful time to do some spring cleaning. New moons are all about fresh starts! If you're looking to do something drastic, like move, or start renovations or reorganizations, or meet new roommates, this new moon has your back… kind of.

If you're looking to do something drastic, like move, or start renovations or reorganizations, or meet new roommates, this new moon has your back.

A new cycle around home and family is beginning, but you'll have to be careful about how you spend your money, who you trust, and who you associate with. Basically, and I don't mean to freak you out, Pisces, I know how paranoid you are, but you need to watch your back. Also, on May 25, Venus will clash with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, which still brings out people's dark sides.

The more insecure someone is, the more you can bet they will behave jealously, possessively, or manipulatively. Take things slow today; ask a neutral third party to help mediate arguments or join you if you're meeting someone you tend to argue with. It's hard for people to act shady when they're outnumbered!

The month closes with logical Mercury, in grounded Taurus, connecting with dreamy Neptune in your sign, on May 28, creating an imaginative, creative atmosphere. Pay attention to the psychic messages you receive through your dreams or while you're in meditation. Talking to people about your feelings, hopes, and fears will be easy—and probably necessary after that tricky new moon in Gemini and that Venus/Pluto clash. I'm sure you'll have plenty of shit to talk about! See you next month, Pisces!