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This exiled Chinese billionaire uses YouTube to wage a war on corruption

Guo Wengui sits in self-imposed exile in a $68 million apartment overlooking Central Park.

The billionaire Chinese property tycoon has been waging a media war against his homeland’s government. Guo says he’s trying to stamp out corruption and graft, but China has accused him of the very same thing.

Since January, Guo has taken to YouTube and Twitter making corruption allegations against top Chinese officials. Some of them have been disproven and some can’t be proven, but some have turned out to be accurate. Guo cites the retirement of China’s anti-corruption czar, Wang Qishan, as his most recent victory after alleging Wang and his family made millions in mysterious business dealings. Wang did not respond to the allegations and was never investigated nor charged.

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China issued an arrest warrant for Guo but the country does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S., which has shown no interest in detaining him. Guo, for his part, is hoping the U.S. will grant him asylum and says he can be of use to the Trump Administration. The White House hasn’t commented on Guo’s case, but his position as a dissident who may have access to insider information may make him a useful bargaining chip.

This segment originally aired Nov. 15, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.