This 'Rick and Morty' Commercial for Logic's New Tape Is an Embarrassment

We'll cast no judgements on 'Bobby Tarantino II' until it comes out, but someone should have stopped this.
March 7, 2018, 11:12pm
Logic photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/'Rick and Morty' image via Turner

Logic is a rapper who reportedly once pretended to be a high schooler working on a class project to avoid paying some costs involved in a music video shoot. Rick and Morty is a hit animated show on Adult Swim beloved by adult men who consistently demonstrate the social and emotional intelligence of pimply freshmen. So if you squint at the two the right way, it sorta fits that they keep colliding in the way they do. The rapper appeared on the last season of the show, as himself, performing a party for one of the show's beloved titular assholes—and if that weren't enough to get Reddit all riled up, today he's announced a new mixtape, with some help from his squeaky voiced pals.

Because he's been too busy performing at awards shows over the past few months, he apparently missed the whole turning cultural conversation around Rick and Morty, which has mostly served as affirmation for shitty nerds worst impulses toward pseudo-intellectualism (and like, slathering themselves in rare McDonald's sauces for fun). It's like, still a pretty good show, I guess, but if anyone ever tries to talk to me about it, I do my best to get away, assuming that they're going try to talk to me about Elon Musk or some shit. Anyway, this being Rick and Morty, the people behind this clip of course find a way to be elitist about Logic's music too, pandering to those who felt that Everybody presented a neutered version of the rapper he proved himself to be on his mixtapes. Sure.

Each of the characters, situated in a spaceship, does some debating of the merits of Logic's tunes ("You gotta be a fucking idiot if you don’t like Logic," Rick deadpans). And…that's pretty much the whole bit. It's only two minutes long but I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it—hearing them damn him with faint praise about how his mixtape stuff was more about "titties" and "throwing stacks on some ass." It's the sort of embarrassing brand-collision where you just hope everyone involved was well paid. Anyway Logic has a mixtape called Bobby Tarantino II out this Friday, March 9. And as long as he's in the mood to reprise old viral-baiting stunts, we might suggest that any proprietors of historic ships keep an eye out for another 21 Jump Street situation.