Novelist Freestyles Down a Road in Ultra-HD Like It’s Nothing

South London's finest brings his one-of-a-kind energy to one-shot Tim and Barry TV take in crisp 4K.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
March 12, 2018, 12:17pm

Media studies students, budding film makers and Oscar-winning legends all agree on one thing: the long continuous shot is one of the most impressive, impactful and hard to achieve components of film. It is the holy grail. Think about this scene from Goodfellas , the iconic opening sequence to the skateboarding film Pretty Sweet, the six-minute shot from True Detective season 1 and almost the entire goddamn running time of Birdman. Beautiful, legendary, hard-as-fuck-yet-amazing pieces of art that contain entire worlds, like digesting a quarter of a novel in the space of just a few minutes.


It would be ridiculous to say Novelist's latest video for Tim and Barry is on par with Ray Liotta strolling from Cadillac to kitchen to smoke-filled restaurant, but it is in a similar form. In fact, for those who know, most Tim and Barry videos sit in the one-take tracking shot format (look, here's one with Belly Squad and another with Big Zuu, two of this city's best up-and-comers who you should be watching).

Still, that doesn't negate the brilliance of this new video from Novelist which is halfway between a freestyle and a performance of one of his more recent tracks "No Weapons / See Me". Lay an eye on that above, feel the energy and await the new album from N-O-V which is dropping next month.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.