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A Deep Read of Franz Ferdinand Covering Drake’s "Passionfruit"

Here is a review you didn't ask for of a thing you didn't ask for.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Drake's "Passionfruit" is a simple song with an irresistible melody. Its easy bounce leaves space for interpretation, so inevitably, since it first featured on More Life last year, it's been covered by artists from all sorts of genres, like Mabel, Yaeji and Paramore. Today, we can add another name to that number: yes, you've guessed it *clears throat* Franz Ferdinand.

Firstly, yes they are still together have some respect, and secondly, you can watch them covering Drake at around the 11 minute mark above. And once you've done that you can scroll back down, because obviously I am now presented with no other choice than to do the important task of marking Franz Ferdinand's Drake cover out of ten in a number of different categories.


Musical stylings:

I like it when people put their own stamp on covers so in all seriousness I think the instrumentation here, especially the fast-strummed guitar which has Franz Ferdinand written all over it, is very good. Congrats. 7.5/10


Here is where it gets really good. Alex Kapranos' entire being is at one with "Passionfruit." He anticipates its every bob and turn; he has a mic swivel or a dramatic hand gesture for every eventuality. He has, no doubt, practiced for this moment in the mirror, and for that he receives a very strong 8/10.

Vocal performance:

He keeps doing ad libs like "yep" and "ahh" like a funk singer from the 70s except it's Alex Kapranos off Franz Ferdinand doing a Drake cover?? Also during parts it does sound like karaoke ("I can't blame you noooOOO") which actually makes me like it more, so there. 8/10

Audience engagement:

This is kiiiind of where it falls off a bit. Kapranos introduces the cover by saying something like "Don't think you could come to Toronto and not play a song by… by this guy" and then does a weird laugh which is met by deathly silence in the room, though they do seem quite stoked when the song starts. However it starts to veer downhill when he tries to establish more rapport with the audience, giving it "Alright TorontO!" like a guy playing an open mic. No good. 5/10

Audience reaction:

A strong 10.0/10, says this guy.

Thus, I have accidentally, given Franz Ferdinand's Drake cover – a thing that should be, by very definition, quite shit – a very good score of 38.5/50, despite my obvious attempts at irony. I am therefore forced to admit: it is me, your boyfriend who, even in 2018, only listens to music by guitar bands from the 2000s, and will comment something like "way better than that Drake rubbish lol!!" under this video on YouTube. Hey, girl.

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