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This Angry ‘American Chopper’ Meme Is Our New Favorite Meme

Another day, another piping hot Orange County Choppers meme.
Screenshot via @GarfieldFanArt

A few weeks back, one of my editors asked me if I wanted to write a quick blog on the Gru’s Plan meme. The format had begun to make some noise on Twitter and Reddit, but the meme wasn’t really resonating with me. Sue me, but the non-Minion lead from Despicable Me giving a powerpoint? Who gives a shit. Next!

This week, it looks like my prayers for a high-energy meme have finally been answered.

The images in this as-yet-untitled meme are screenshots of an infamous scene from the reality show American Chopper, in which Paul Teutul Sr. and his large adult son Paul Teutul Jr. yell at each other about the younger Paul consistently being 45 minutes late to work. Things escalate quickly.


After you’ve got those images set up, just slap on whatever esoteric argument you want, and voila! Now Junior and Senior from fuckin’ Orange County Choppers are arguing about Garfield or Western imperialism or some shit.

While versions of this meme have apparently been floating around for years, the solidification of this format just HAPPENS to coincide with the 2018 revival of American Chopper . Say what you will about memes going normie, but if this turns out to be a guerilla marketing scheme to revive awareness about American Chopper, that is some next level shit.

Additional reporting by Anna Iovine.

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