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Rihanna Won Game 1 of the NBA Finals

Rihanna was in postseason form for Game 1 of Cavaliers-Warriors.
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The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-91 last night in a game that looked promising in the first quarter, but then barely watchable by the third. Until a hero descended. We were first alerted to Rihanna's presence when ABC analyst Jeff Van Gundy lost all train of thought as she walked by the table, right after a righteous LeBron James dunk.

She then provided all the entertainment anyone would need for the rest of the game. Rihanna is a very on-the-record fan of LeBron James and as such holds him in high esteem, and the Warriors in contempt.


She paid her respect to King James, and then proceeded to clown the objectors in the Golden State crowd:

Before that, she set her sights on Kevin Durant, heckling and booing him from the sideline, and engaging in a war of dagger eyes that set the internet on fire:

KD would get the last word, however, when he shot a dagger three right in front of her, and then stared her down, shaking his head on his way back down the floor:

It became such a thing during the game that Durant was actually asked about it in the post-game press conference. In a bold-faced lie, he said he didn't remember anything about it.

Steph had some wise words for Durant when he says "Don't get in that trap," but unfortunately for the Warriors, that horse has hightailed it out of the barn. Despite his 38 point, 8 rebound, and 8 assist night, he is right in the middle of that trap.

Cavs in 5.