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Someone Tried to Smuggle Weed From the US Into India Through Sleeping Bags

As marijuana supplies run dry in India, these smugglers stashed 1.7 kgs of cannabis worth Rs 9 lakh in international mail.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Someone Tried to Smuggle Weed From the US Into India Through Sleeping Bags
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon / Pexels (left) and lucas Favre / Unsplash (right)

From a Mumbai man who bought onions worth Rs 2 lakhs to disguise himself as an onion seller and sneak into his hometown in Uttar Pradesh, to Tamil Nadu cops forcing people flouting lockdown rules or not wearing face masks into an ambulance with a fake COVID-19 patient to scare the shit out of them, Indians are employing all kinds of jugaad (hacks) to get them through this quarantine season. So as alcohol and weed supplies run dry across the country which has deemed these to be non-essential during the ongoing lockdown, it still hasn’t hindered some stoners from going to new heights to score the best stash for their quarantine sesh.


So even as borders remain sealed and dealers go on the down-low, an unidentified drug smuggler decided to sneak some of the highest quality cannabis from the US to India by stashing it in sleeping bags. Probably an attempt to make up for the absence of human drug mules, these smugglers decided to sneak in 1.7 kgs of weed worth Rs 9 lakh by mailing a parcel that contained two sleeping bags and boxes of vacuum cleaners through international postal service.

However, the smuggler kinda overlooked that given the tense situation, customs authorities would be on high alert. The Foreign Postal Office and Courier Terminal at Chennai literally sniffed out their plan when they got a whiff of a strong “weedy” smell coming from the sleeping bags. The cannabis was then seized under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985. Authorities have determined that the weed was sent from the state of Washington where weed is legal, but are now plotting to catch the person whose address was marked on the international package. This joint effort to weed out the drug dealers is now probably going to leave the stoner population not-so-high and definitely dry.

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