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Haribo's New DJ-Inspired Gummies Look Like Drugs

Rave on....Haribo?
January 14, 2016, 10:58pm

If it wasn't heinous enough that munching Haribo's sugar-free gummi bears will make your stomach lining feel like this, the genius marketing brains behind the German-based company just unveiled a new line of candy, and it looks exactly like….ecstasy? The front label of the product's packaging features some sort of fictional, revved up candy-shaped selector, DJ Brause, which translates to "DJ Fizz" in English (no word yet on his debut single "Fizz 'Till You Drop"). Once inside the bag, customers will be treated to a variety of disco biscuit-looking gummis that appear pressed with various musical shapes you might encounter on a pair of CDJs—pause, forward, rewind, stop.


The pills—I mean candy—are also said to contain a "slightly acidic taste," according to a translation of Haribo's german site. Obviously, the company isn't trying to profit off an image that's led to a slew of dangerous tablets circulating around Europe as of late. Hell no, they just love music! They're heads!

Ironically, back in 2015 we reported a trending story in Jackson, Mississippi in which police warned local youth that drugs might look like candy. Now thanks to the fine folks at Haribo, the opposite is true.