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Lido Remixed 'The Life of Pablo' into a Manic 8-Minute Whirlwind

He's dubbed it 'Life Of Peder (Part One).'
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Norwegian producer, Lido, has remixed Kanye West's recent LP The Life of Pablo and uploaded it for free download on Peder Losnegård (get it?) has taken a somewhat unconventional approach, though: instead of remixing it on a track-by-track basis, he's collapsed, chopped, and diffused the record into an unpredictable eight-minute sprint.

Excitingly, this is titled "Life Of Peder (Part One)," so there might be more on the way. Check it out here, stay tuned for more updates, and revisit our interview with the artist from last fall, where he talks about the physical side-effects of not producing tracks and argues that couples should make music together.

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