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This Video Is What Happens When You Combine the Worst of EDM and K-Pop

Is DJ Joy the headliner the world really needs right now?

If there's any genre of music that can match the bombastic, theatrical insanity of EDM shitshows, it's K-pop shitshows. Enter the video above. Watch, and we'll break it down.

Aired this past September, the video features a clip from Korea's TV network MNET's latest DJ survival show, HEADLINER, allegedly invented to find the best DJ in Asia. The video in question features a rather energetic performance from one of the contestants, named DJ Joy, who pretty much sets volcanic lava to a pair of CDJs with such skilled technique as: not one, but two "drop-countdowns," rabid hand antics, and a segment in which she she pretends to call someone on their cellphone(eee). Additionally, she goes HAM on the beatmasher, drops three bootlegs that all seem to have Lil' Jon in them, and yeah—totally kills it man!

We don't have word yet if DJ Joy has been eliminated, though she's up against such competition as DJ Axodus, DJ Shanell, and DJ Bagagee Viphex—who according to the advanced algorithm system at TopDeeJay' is the fourth most popular DJ in all of Korea, so it's safe to say she has a hard path ahead of her. Don't worry Joy! You can always hit up DJ Schedule One, another one of the show's contestants, if you need more meth.

Check out a photo of the show's contestants below and join us in one of the biggest face-palms since David Guetta dropped acid before playing Tomorrowland.