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If Madonna Calls, Tell Her That Spurz is Busy

Who leaves voicemails anymore anyway?

THUMP fav Classical Trax collective is back with another collectino of hard-hitting refixes and remixes. Those of you who've been jamming the mix that CT head honcho DJ Rueckert slammed together for us a few weeks ago will know all about the group's dedication to exploring every conceivable crevice of club music.

Being a kind and caring bunch, they'll be releasing the entire batch of re-imaginings for free on February 25 on SoundCloud. They've also been kind enough to give us a first listen to Canadian proudcer Spurz's edit of a friendship-ruining belter. In this instance, he's taking on Junior Vasquez's controversial classic "If Madonna Calls" -– a track that dear old Madge wasn't ever too keen on.

Luckily, we love this rough and ready remix (although we do love our Madge as well), and we think you'll pick up if it's Spurz on the other end of the line.