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You Can Own the Daft Punk Painting from The "Starboy" Video

The Robots quickly sold out a 500-edition run of the portrait, signed and numbered by the artist.
Image courtesy of the artist

Cult french duo Daft Punk made only a very brief cameo as a portrait in the video for "Starboy," their collaboration with Toronto artist The Weeknd, but now they've immortalized the moment as a canvas print. The portrait initially went on sale a week ago in a limited 500-edition run, and while the $140 product unsurprisingly sold out very quickly, now is a good time for dedicated fans of the Robots to start setting up eBay alerts if they really want one.


The work was created by artist Warren Fu—who previously directed the band's music videos for Random Access Memory cuts "Get Lucky," "Instant Crush," and "Lose Yourself to Dance"—and he has hand-signed and numbered each copy. It comes in a classic cinema one-sheet size, with the dimensions 27" by 41," and will ship the week of December 5 to those who bought it directly from the duo's webstore.

Daft Punk have put an increasing amount of focus on merchandise and memorabilia over the last few years, producing everything from vintage-styled posters to helmet rings and a windbreaker.

Earlier this month, Daft Punk shared their second collaboration with The Weeknd, "I Feel It Coming," and we ranked every single song ever created by the duo.

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