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Northmix: Thomas Von Party

Multiculturalism lives and breathes—and parties, in Montreal.

Head of A&R at Turbo Recordings, Thomas Von Party does not stop. As Tiga's brother and fellow Montreal native, Von Party has been sprouting up projects across the city and music industry for many a club-night. In 2014, he founded the Multi-Culti label with Angus Gruzman, which is focused exclusively on strange and foreign sounds made to bridge the gap between speakers and borders. In addition, he also maintains his place as a resident DJ—at his own club, Datcha—in Montreal. Von Party is making his alias proud.


Curating his own Multi-Culti stage at June's AIM Montreal Festival, Von Party has treated THUMP to this gem of a Northmix. The mix was recorded at Datcha last weekend and includes a few exclusive tracks, combined with some classic favourites of Von Party. "Perhaps only subtly Multi Culti in flavour—there isn't much of an overtly 'ethnic' instrumentation and only a few foreign wailings. This mix represents music from a globally-minded tribe of artists."

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The mix, recorded by Von Party himself, was mastered by—a new software company out of Montreal seeking to place the artist back in control of roles often distributed to audio engineers. Von Party took this opportunity to change the tempo of the mix. "We've done a lot of pretty chilled out, downtempo mixes lately," he says. "So I thought it would be good to represent the more pumping, clubby side of the label—basically it's all pretty vibey, housey, and homey."

Catch Thomas Von Party at the THUMP & Moog Audio Multi-Culti stage at AIM Montreal on June 26 to 28.

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