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​House and Bass Iconoclast Roska Goes In ON DECK

It's Kicks and Snares and house and bass in this classy-as-fuck selection

Say it with us and roll your tongue: Roska. The much-respected UK-based producer and DJ has leisurely backstroked through currents in the UK by always doing things his own way."From my early days, my productions didn't just cater for one genre of music and still the same now," Roska tells THUMP.

Towards the end of the last decade, Roska was a name closely associated with UK funky. "It was an off-genre of house, garage, grime and dubstep," he explains. "It peaked around 2009, but as a genre, it's still known and respected for what it did in that short amount of time."


Around the same time, he launched his label Kicks n Snares. 'It's seven years this year so its been going a while. We started with funky and moved over to house and bass. We subtly move with the times but keeping the core elements in there.

Roska's done us the honor of contributing a fine house mix to our ON DECK series. Just over an hour, the first phases are slick club vibes, but affairs develop a distinctly funky edge towards the last stretch.

"It's a snapshot of what I'm playing in the clubs and on air," Roska says of the mix. "Plus it's been a while since I've done a mix for the heads."

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Transcode - Everytime
Taiki Nulight - Steppa
Kevin Knapp - Heft
Doug English - Hood Life (Rrotik Remix)
Tiga vs Boys Noize - Jam #1
MA1 - Dub Yourz
Billy Kenny - I Eat Beats (Ardalan Remix)
Hardrive - Deep Inside (Shadow Child Remix)
Roska - Frst & Frmst
Genghis Clan & Will Clarke - Jackintosh
Harry Judda - Rebel
Flare & Buffa - Process
Grand High Priest - Mixdown
Roska & Untold - Long Range
??? - Albion
Wiley - Numbers in action (Toddska Remix)
Majora - Rio Citrus
Jakwob - Footwork
Roska - NDOW
Neana - Bow Kat
Lil Silva - 606