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Deadmau5 Opens Up About His Struggles With Depression

He joins the growing number of DJs who are opening up about the affliction.

Last week, Deadmau5 abruptly shut off his Twitter and Facebook accounts. The DJ, whose given name is Joel Zimmerman, has had a mercurial relationship with social media, using it to voice his opinions and shutting it down when he receives too much heat, but this week, he used his Tumblr to express a deeper current running through his capricious fits — depression.

Zimmerman revealed his battle with the affliction on his Tumblr, stating: "like many other human beings, I've been dealing with some depression issues that i don't need to go into detail with. Id consider myself far from emotionally stable, though, not unstable enough to know support when i see it."

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As Beatport points out, Zimmerman isn't the only DJ to come forward about depression. Benga, The Black Madonna, and Dro Carey are among many performers and artists who have opened up about their struggles with the disease. In an article that appeared in June, The Guardian wrote that a recent study showed that over 60% of musicians have suffered from depression or other psychological issues, with touring an issue for 71% of respondents.