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These Headphones Allow You to Tweet the Music You're Listening To

Your silent disco experience is about to get a little more interactive.
February 9, 2016, 5:05pm
Courtesy of Muzik

Twitter has made a financial investment in American tech startup Muzik to release so-called social headphones—the first of their kind—capable of sharing whatever music they are playing to Twitter or Facebook with just a touch.

The wireless over-ear model, dubbed the Muzik Convertible, has four controls on the right ear cup that are programmable through Muzik's app for iOS and Android. The controls fulfill basic functions like changing volume and skipping tracks, but also have more interactive possibilities, including audio-recognition software (like Shazam) that will identify song and artist, state the time, or dial a phone contact.

However, the biggest draw is, of course, the social function of the headphones—which has been touted heavily by Muzik. In addition to the aforementioned ability to share songs on social media, the headphones allow you to share a "Twitter Moment"—a feature that creates a visual mock-up of what's happening based on location data from Google Maps, a time stamp, weather information, and a whatever song is playing at the time.

I'm listening to Passin' Me By by The Pharcyde @muzikofficial — #CES2017 (@aperobot)February 2, 2016

Of course these won't come cheap, retailing for approximately $300. An exact release date hasn't yet been announced, but the headphones should start to roll out in May.

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