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​Close Your Eyes and It's 1995: Joey Negro Made Us an Old-School House Mix

Go one deeper into an era that's defining today's music scene.
July 29, 2015, 3:15pm

"As someone who spent a good deal of the 90s in a recording studio, I find it quite hard to get my head around that 1995 was actually 20 years ago," laughs Joey Negro. "It feels like more like 10 years!"

"I guess it's common for us humans to have problems with grasping the passing of time," Negro muses further. "As well as DJing and making music i have a lot of memories of listening to new house music from homemade cassettes in a super unreliable Ford Escort, which i owned for the first part of the decade. Thankfully, the car eventually got stolen, though i was always surprised they managed to get it started to nick it."

You too may also struggle with temporal placement when delving into Joey's freshly released 90s House and Garage comp, out now digitally and on vinyl September 7 on Z Records. With names like Kerri Chandler, Robert Owens, and Mood II Swing popping up on the tracklist, it's a time capsule of an era that's still influencing dance music now.

"My new ZR compilation of 90s house and garage collects together some of my favorites from that fertile era for dance music," Joey explains. "Like last years Italo-house collection, I tried to select some of the more under the radar type stuff which I was personally into, most of which aren't available to buy easily or already on lots of compilations."

"I've also put together this mix, using some songs from the new album alongside a few of the ones we couldn't license for various reasons," says Negro.

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Voices – Voices In My Mind (CJ Mackintosh Remix)
Mood II Swing feat. Fonda Rae – Living In Ecstasy (FK Groove Mix Edit)
Robert Owens – Gotta Work (Final Take)
Cashmere - Da Do Da Da
2 Raw – We Got The Funk (Hurleys House Mix / Joey Negro Edit)
Mateo & Matos – New York Style
USG – Ncameu (Ron Trent Main Mix)
NY Connection - Bless the Funk
Gisele Jackson – Love Commandments (Original Vocal Edit)
Michael Watford – Love Change Over (Fire Island Club Vocal Mix)
React 2 Rhythm – All or Nothing (Danny's Fireball Mix)
Pamela Fernandez – Kickin' In The Beat (Tommy Musto mix)