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Bandcamp Is Donating All of Today's Proceeds from Music Sales to the ACLU

Go buy some music.
Photo of protest at Trump Tower courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Today Bandcamp announced that on Friday it will donate all of their share of the proceeds from purchases from the online music store to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The news follows a number of similar initiatives within the dance music world, including Grimes and Sia's pledges this past Saturday to make substantial donations to CAIR and the ACLU following the announcement of Trump's highly controversial travel ban.


Bandcamp's founder and CEO Ethan Diamond wrote a blogpost stating the company's opposition to the executive order regarding immigrants and refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries. "It is an unequivocal moral wrong, a cynical attempt to sow division among the American people, and is in direct opposition to the principles of a country where the tenet of religious freedom is written directly into the Constitution," he said.

Yesterday, Iranian-Dutch artist Sevdaliza shared a new song "Bebin" in protest of the travel ban, pledging to transfer all proceeds towards organizations advocating for victims of racial exclusion. "In the act of love, there is no place for racism nor bigotry," she said in the press release.

After seeing Grimes and Sia's pledges this weekend, Kaiserslautern-based producer Zedd took to twitter to try to put together an ACLU benefit show with them, Macklemore, and Camila Cabello. He has since followed up to confirm that a benefit show is going to happen, telling artists to contact him if they want to participate.

Earlier in January, Physical Therapy's Allergy Season imprint and the NY-based Discwoman platform and collective released Physically Sick, a 42-track protest compilation. All proceeds from the release will go to the ACLU, Callen-Lorde, The National Immigration Law Center, and Planned Parenthood.

This Friday, for any purchase you make, we will donate 100% of our share of the proceeds to the — bandcamp (@Bandcamp)January 31, 2017

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