Has Skrillex Reunited with His Old Emo Band From First To Last?

Sonny Moore played what seems like a new song from the group on OWSLA's Beats 1 show.
August 1, 2016, 4:45pm
Photo by Jason Nocito

Before producing multi-platinum hits with Diplo and Justin Bieber, Sonny Moore aka Skrillex was guitarist and lead singer for a post-hardcore/emo band called From First To Last, and it looks like he may have rejoined his old group.

During his label OWSLA's July 30 radio show on Beats 1, Moore played a song he identified as "Bonus Track" that sounds an awful lot like FFTL, featuring vocals that sound exactly like his. He even sang along at one point during the broadcast, making the similarity seem all the more unmistakable.


Adding to the evidence suggesting a FFTL reunion, OWSLA's Twitter account also retweeted a spate of fans identifying the track as a From First To Last song, as well as one that specifically asked, "WAS THAT A NEW FROM FIRST TO LAST SONG WITH SONNY ON @OWSLA RADIO?" Despite all the indicators, there has so far been no official announcement of a reunion of any kind, though.

Sonny Moore originally joined the band as a 16-year-old, remaining with them from 2004-2007.

He recently signed on to play Chance The Rapper's huge homecoming festival in Chicago, which was a slight diversion from our fascination with former Cheers actress/Trump supporter Kirstie Alley's strange tweets about the producer.

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