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Check Out These Amazing Photos of a Record Store Made Out of Lego

Illustrator and artist Chris Cooper modeled Brick Town Records on one of his favorite stores in Los Angeles.
All photos courtesy of Chris Cooper.

While Chris Cooper, an illustrator and artist who works as COOP, was waiting for sketch approvals to come back from a commercial job, he alleviated his boredom by building a model record store out of Lego.

"I've been getting back into Lego since my son was born, and I've been doing these little buildings that Lego sells as sets," the Los Angeles-based artist told THUMP via email. "I wanted to try to build a custom one, and a record store was my first choice, since that's where I spend a lot of my time."


Cooper dubbed the store Brick Town Records, a name his friend and New Jersey-based DJ Pat Longo suggested. Complete with replica sleeves of Cooper's own wax collection, he based Brick Town Record on one of his favorite stores, Permanent Records in LA's Highland Park neighborhood. "It's one of my favorite stores in town, and always has a fantastic selection of cool stuff—they've got great taste," he said.

The LPs adorning the walls of Brick Town Records include Kraftwerk's self-titled debut album, David Bowie's Aladdin Sane and Big Star's #1 Record. "I shrunk 'em down in photoshop to fit on Lego tiles, then printed them out on sticker paper. That was the most time-consuming part of the project—cutting out all those little covers with an x-acto knife," he said.

Cooper added: "I had to spend some time online hunting down Lego mini [figurines] that looked like typical record store hipster customers—luckily they made a lumberjack figure and a goth girl."