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Download DJDS' New Album 'Live in Tijuana' For Free Now

The Los Angeles duo and Kanye West collaborators have shared a recording of a recent Mexico show.
Photo courtesy of Body High

Earlier this month, Los Angeles duo and Kanye West collaborators DJDS played a show at a small club called Wherestone in Tijuana, Mexico, and today they've shared the recording as a free live album. The hour-long set features songs from Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy's 2016 record Stand Up And Speak, and fan favorites like "Love Songs" and "One Who Lost."

Stream the entire recording below, download it for free here, and pick yourself up one of the duo's exclusive new t-shirts while you're at it.

Live in Tijuana Tracklist:

1. Sit Down Satan / Tell Me Why (Live)
2. Memory Lane / Stand Up And Speak (Live)
3. 2 Plus 2 / One Who Lost (Live)
4. Love Songs / In The Flames (Live)
5. Never Win / MF Hustla / The Dust (Live)
6. No Guarantees / Friend of Mine (Live)
7. You Don't Have To Be Alone / By Your Side (Live)
8. One Good Thing / Something To Believe In (Live)
9. Darling Cheryl / Not A Thing I Wouldn't Do (Live)
10. Trouble / Found (Live)
11. I Don't Love You (Live)

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