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It Finally Happened: Someone Took a Shit on the Dancefloor Last Weekend

Shitting? In a nightclub? Surely there's been some mistake!
Photo via the Mirror

It's funny, isn't it, how the universe works. Just last week we provided you with another comprehensive run down of everything that's ever happened in a nightclub (as well as tips on how to not fart your way thru a club night). We thought we'd imagined it all. We were wrong. Just this weekend, our conception of clubbing was irrevocably, violently altered forever because a bloke in England took a shit on the dancefloor of a club called Reflex.


First reported on Twitter on Saturday night, the shitter himself is now one of those briefly-famous avatars of our generation's insatiable desire to laugh at the most moronic, base, and boring things imaginable because the alternative is to consider just how spectacularly grim living in Britain in 2016 is. The video of a man shitting on the floor of a nightclub has since vanished from Twitter, but if you weren't lucky enough to see it in all it's squalidly viral glory in the haze of a Sunday morning hangover, a few grainy screengrabs do still exist.

And that's pretty much it: a man did a shit on the dancefloor of you standard high street vodka-and-vomit hellhole and then a bouncer throws him out of the club because you can't shit on the dancefloor at Reflex in Wigan. Clubs, eh? We've really and truly seen it all now, haven't we!

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