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Check Out the Muscular Video For Soulwax Protege Emmanuelle's "Free HiFi Internet"

"I'd rather be at home getting high on some WiFi..."

THUMP first heard "Free Hifi Internet" as part of the Soulwax/2ManyDJs huge Despacio mix on Radio 1 earlier in the year. We were instantly hooked. As it turns out, its inclusion in their mix was no coincidence. The mastermind behind the track, Brazilian born up and comer Emmanuelle, is something of a protege for the Dewale brothers, and she is releasing the record on their label Deewee. It's a mean record, pairing both our obsessive reliance on technology with the harsh reality that actually, a lot of the time, time spent staring at a screen is in fact a lot more appealing than spending it with other people. As Emmanuelle herself puts it, "We're better connected than at any other point in history, yet personal connection feels as if it's a lost art. It's a paradox of being so closely connected to people without really knowing them at all." There's that, and then there's the fact it's got an undeniable groove running through it. So, y'know, social commentary and danceability. What more do you want?


THUMP have got an exclusive look at the track's video and it's a real treat. It's a total bro-down, featuring guys we can only assume are exactly the people Emmanuelle herself would rather be at home on the internet than spending time with. That being said, there are also some great work out tips in there, so maybe it's not all bad. Check out the video below.

"Free HiFi Internet" is out on the 18th of December on Deewee.