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Bounce Back from Your Bank Holiday with This Bumping Brackles Guest Mix

Ahead of this weekend's Field Maneuvers festival, he's put together a thrilling 40 minute excursion into the midpoint between afrobeats and UK Funky.
August 30, 2016, 10:05am

This weekend coming, around 700 incredibly lucky individuals will find themselves standing in a field. Within that field they'll be able to walk from stage to stage, and coming out of the PA systems plonked on those stages there'll be music. Those 700 people in a field will be at one of the final festivals of 2016, and they'll have picked a fantastic one to end the season on because they'll be at Field Maneuvers and at Field Maneuvers they'll be able to see the likes of Ben UFO, Andy Blake, Axel Boman, the Black Madonna and Jane Fitz playing records. They'll be able to see Brackles plating records too.


Which is why we asked the absurdly talented DJ and producer to put together this thrillingly bouncy mix together for us ahead of the event.

If you've had a big bank holiday blowout and need to soothe your sore, sore head, you could do much worse than getting yourself one of those massive barrels of water from an offie, glugging as much of it as you can, to the point where you're having to try really hard not to puke, and slapping on this gorgrous 40 minute excursion into a wonderful midpoint between afrobeats and UK Funky. And if you spent the long weekend sat alone in an entirely empty flat doing nothing then you'll probably like the mix just as much. Hopefully. Sorry your weekend was shit mate.

Field Maneuvers takes place this weekend. Head here for more information.

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