Mist Goes Hard on Life and Pain in this Live Performance of "Madness"

The Birmingham rapper is one of a few new talents we're championing in the new breed of UK MCs.
February 24, 2017, 12:00am

Life switches between being too real, making no sense and those glistening moments where everything slots into place and warms the pit of your belly. But for the shite times, music becomes a salve and for some, a saviour. Enter Birmingham rapper Mist, who's been on the rise for the past year, proving that London doesn't get to claim a monopoly over MC talent from the UK.

He performed in YouTube's London studios recently, for us and a few friends, as part of a night honouring both our Greatest UK MCs of All Time list from earlier this month and the new talents whose names you're not going to be able to avoid soon. Watch his performance of single "Madness", which grapples with grief, the hustle for success and the textures of life that sometimes rub up a little too roughly next to your skin.

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