Mop Person Nearly Mowed Over in Josh Perkins' Fast Break Warpath

She handled the ridiculum graciously.
March 26, 2017, 2:48pm

Mop girl's gotta mop, you know what I mean? There's an art to the court cleaning hustle; you've gotta pop in and out, wax on, wax off—all while using the proper poly-cotton blend. But sometimes a goddamn basketball player comes along and tries to ruin your mop job with his infernal basketballing.

With the clock winding down, Gonzaga's Josh Perkins slapped away a pass between Xavier players and added some Tobasco to their wounds with a clean fast break. Only the fast break wasn't fully cleaned yet. The girl in charge of making sure players don't slip was working away when the surprisingly speedy fast break came barreling down at her. Perkins kind of slowed down and the girl kind of sped up in a kind of stutterstep dance. She handled the ridiculum graciously.