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Jeremy Rifkin on the Third Industrial Revolution

The social and economic theorist talks about how the Internet of Things will revolutionize our world.

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Social and economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin is a predictor of fiscal and technological trends. He has written several books heralding the end of our world's economies, those powered by fossil fuels, driven by profits, and organized in a pyramidal structure. But today, he's chronicling the emergence and convergence of renewable energy, novel means of communications, and the Internet of Things—and how together they will revolutionize the way we live, work, and consume on an unprecedented scale.

His book The Third Industrial Revolution, which will debut as a film produced by VICE this month at the Tribeca Film Festival, predicts two decades of full employment, widespread residential electricity production, and free and universal access to information and education. But unlike the two previous industrial revolutions before it, the Third Industrial Revolution needs to happen much faster to curb climate change and make the economic advances that our civilization requires.

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