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The MUNCHIES 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Matty Matheson

Behold: the five things that Matty Matheson wants to see under his tree.
November 1, 2014, 1:46pm

To spread MUNCHIES-style holiday cheer and play Santa for our valued readers, we've put together a gift guide that showcases some of our trusted hosts' favorite things. Behold: the five weapons and sundry outdoor gear that Matty Matheson wants to see under his tree.

You may know Matty as the host of VICE’s series Dead Set on Life and It’s Suppertime!, as well as the man behind Toronto restaurant Parts & Labour.


Dude has got a thing for goose: time to throw on a parka, hunt one down, and cook it in a beautiful enameled cast iron pot.


1. Oxhead Throwing Axe

This is the best Canadian axe you'll ever need! I gave one to Martin Picard once and he sent me a picture of him opening up Champagne at 9 AM with it. ($199) Buy Now ›

2. Peasant Chef's Knife

Brian Richer of Castor Design (and my partner) gave me this knife years ago when I worked at OddFellows. It was the only knife I used for years. Boning, chopping, filleting, slicing—it really could do anything. It was my first carbon steel knife, and now I only use carbon steel knives. ($33) Buy Now ›

3. Canada Goose Expedition Parka

The best parka Canada can offer, period! For hunting venison in the deep woods of Quebec or ice-fishing in Newfoundland, this is the one and only! (From $795) Buy Now ›

4. Le Creuset Goose Pot

My favourite pots to use. I own four of these. Perfect for making Sunday gravy (with meatballs, ribs, and sausage in tomato sauce) or roasting a whole duck, goose, or chicken. For making stews or soups, this pot is the best! ($600) Buy Now ›

5. Société Orignal Maple Syrup

Not only the best maple syrup in Canada, but it's the best maple syrup the world has ever seen! If this shows up under your Christmas tree, you'll have the best pancakes your family has ever had! Or, pour it on someone's tits or dick. Have fun with that! ($32) Buy Now ›