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Father John Misty, America's Commentator, Made Up a Song About James Comey

The voice of the people speaks.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

When FBI chief James Comey was fired yesterday, the nation – nay, the world – looked in the direction of one man, to make sense of this new development. That man, that voice of the American people, was human vegan leather sandal, Father John Misty. Selflessly, he did not let his people down:

As he tucked into a pizza (the food of the people!) Josh was accompanied by a friend playing piano off camera, in order to deliver his searing take on the events of the day. "He had Hillary's emails / and there was a recipe / recipe for risotto," he sings of Comey. Because Father John Misty knows how to crack a political joke or two, that's for sure!

His important ditty was filmed for posterity and uploaded to Twitter posthaste, as best to rapidly communicate with everyone who so desperately awaited his #take. "Folk music," he wittily captioned it, making sure to leave the capital 'M' off music to seem more nonchalant. Because though Misty cares, he doesn't care too much. He's above it all, really.

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(Image via Father John Misty on Twitter)