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Bobmo Unleashes Sublime 'I Want You' EP on Marble Music

The Frenchman calls up Matthias Zimmerman and Crackboy to lend their remix skills to a quality release.
December 11, 2014, 10:42pm

Hailing from Bordeaux, France, Hugues Rey AKA Bobmo, has been bringing his stellar melodies to our eardrums for nearly a decade. First producing in the raw house style, the Frenchman has evolved his sound to present a wide production ethos that pulls from melodic French house and techno, as well as more aggresive, stripped down numbers, like his recent release for Ultramajic. His 2014 debut album New Dawn was well received across the dance sphere and showcased Rey's diverse and effective style .

Monday, December 15th will see a new release from Bobmo on Back Office/Marble Records (home to Canblaster, Para One & Sam Tiba) in the form of a three-track EP that features a new mix of his tune "I Want You," (the second single from his debut LP) along with two stellar remixes from Crackboy, Strio Steve, and tech-wizard Matthias Zimmermann.

Pre-order Bobmo's 'I Want You' EP on iTunes