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A Laptop Full of 'Sensitive' Info Was Stolen from a Secret Service Agent's Car

The computer allegedly contains encrypted information about the Clinton email scandal and Trump Tower floor plans, among other things.
Photo of Secret Service in Trump Tower by Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty News

Someone broke into a Secret Service agent's car on Thursday, jacking a laptop computer full of "sensitive information," CBS News reports.

The agent's car was parked outside her house in southwest Brooklyn when, at some point early Thursday morning, a sneaky thief hopped out of a black car, broke into the agent's vehicle, and then took off down the street on foot with her backpack. Along with the computer, the thief is said to have made off with other Secret Service documents and some kind of access card.

The laptop reportedly holds security info about Trump Tower, including floor plans for the president's New York skyscraper, and, more strangely, materials relating to the notorious investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. A statement from the Secret Service made clear that the computer files were secured with "full disk encryption," though reports differed on whether it could be disabled remotely.

Secret Service recovered the bag itself, along with some coins inside. But the laptop and documents are still missing. A source at the NYPD told New York Daily News that the situation is a "very big deal" and that the Secret Service "is scrambling like mad" to fix things up.

In other Secret Service news, two agents are currently under investigation for allegedly creeping into Barron Trump's room and snapping some selfies with the sleeping boy. Just add these to the long list of bizarre, often sexual or alcohol-infused mishaps that have embarrassed the Secret Service in recent years.