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Lorde Finally Returns With "Green Light"

The New Zealand singer will follow 2013's breakout 'Pure Heroine' with a new album, 'Melodrama.'

Lorde's 2013 release Pure Heroine caught on in part because of how different it sounded from everything else in the pop-sphere, relying on minimalism and over bombastic studio sounds. But on "Green Light," the first track from her much anticipated follow-up, Melodrama, the New Zealand singer takes the opposite approach and puts forth a loud bash of feelings. The result is fuller and more complex, like two Pure Heroine songs overlapping. It is, as she described it on Twitter yesterday, the story of the last two "wild, fluorescent years" of her life.


Melodrama doesn't have a release date just yet, so watch the video below as we all eagerly await Lorde Phase Two.

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