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Watch a Man Scream at Yellow Paint

You'll want to give Kim Beom's wet canvas a hug and a tissue.

This article was originally published on March 21, 2015 but we think it still rocks!

Seoul-based artist Kim Beom's wrought painting instructional Yellow Scream is shrieking. Set against a stark backdrop, a man in a gray dress shirt and gray slacks applies different yellows to a white canvas, pairing each strike with "a scream induced by psychological pain." It's only two-and-a-half minutes long but it screams for what feels like days: according to Walker Art Center, who hosted the full video on their site. The man screams so that "the effect of the screams is recorded with the brush strokes." You should watch the supercut of Yellow Scream until you can't lend your silence to his masterpiece. You will want to give it a hug and a hot cup of tea.


Watch the viral supercut above, then re-revisit Kim Beom's Yellow Scream, datamoshed, thanks YouTuber OM3GAman, below, along with a few other special editions:

Click here to learn more about Kim Beom's Yellow Scream.


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