Finally, a Mood Ring for the 21st Century

Thanks to analytics, this mood ring can let you know when your stressed.
November 24, 2016, 12:40pm

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This article was originally published on November 24, 2014 but we think it still rocks!

Mood rings have been must-haves since they were introduced in the 70s, but their accuracy has always been, well, questionable. Thankfully, Finnish design company Moodmetric has been hard at work refashioning them into wearable devices, swapping out their temperature-sensitive liquid crystals for a mood tracking smartphone app / biometric sensor combo.


The idea is that the device can isolate specific emotions, letting you know if you've been angry or stressed. "By naming those feelings, Moodmetric allows people to get to know themselves better," Niina Venho, COO of Moodmetric, told International Business Times UK. Designed by silversmith Vesa Nilsson, the ring measures the way your skin changes based on autonomous neurological activity. It interprets the data it gathers as emotional information, then logs it, kind of like a FitBit for your emotions.

The Moodmetric app also comes with meditation aides and other programs to help you keep your cool and take control of emotions. To that end, it's the perfect gift to make sure everyone stays calm this holiday season.

Visit Moodmetric's website for more information on the wearable device.

h/t Internaltional Business Times UK


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