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These Kaleidoscopic Hyperlapse Effects Were Created In-Camera

Filmmaker Kevin McGloughlin Shit Robot’s “Lose Control” a spinning, warp speed music video.
All images courtesy the artist.

Filmmaker and video artist Kevin McGloughlin likes to play with extremes of speed, light, and space. While he doesn’t shun digital trickery, he places it at the service of mind-melting in-camera effects, as he did with a bokeh-heavy 3D highway and a video made of a googol’s worth of clips. In his latest effort, a music video for Shit Robot’s “Lose Control,” McGloughlin created his effects work entirely in-camera, producing a kaleidoscopic array of lights and patterns moving in hypnotic motion. Perhaps inspired by the song title, the video feels as if the viewer’s visual faculties are spinning out of control.


“Almost the whole clip is done using photography,” McGloughlin tells The Creators Project. “There is no 3D or digital manipulations added at all, with the exception of inverting the color of a few clips, and using overlays for a total of about five seconds of the entire clip.”

“I used long-exposure hyperlapse techniques and stop-motion, as well as timelapse and a few short real-time footage clips,” he adds. “The spinning, kaleidoscope-looking clips were achieved by strapping my camera to a little DIY setup that I made. This allowed me to basically run around with a camera strapped to a wheel on a rod. For some of those clips I rotated the footage in the opposite direction giving a kind of warp speed look in post.”

Lose Control - Shit Robot feat Nancy Whang from Kevin McGloughlin on Vimeo.

Click here to see more of Kevin McGloughlin’s work. Shit Robot's track "Lose Control" is off of upcoming LP, What Follows, out May 6 on DFA Records.


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