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Graffiti Artists Paint a 3D Optical Illusion of a Mythological Beast

The urban art collective Truly makes a mythological griffin come alive at Magic City Festival in Dresden.
Images courtesy the artists

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Oct 3, 2016 at 12:50pm PDT

A hallway mural that shifted appearance when viewed from different angles bent some minds back in early 2015—This was urban art collective Truly's Space Oddity. Now, the four Italian graffiti artists are playing with anamorphic painting once again, this time with a mythological griffin that appears to be occupying a large, three-dimensional space.


Truly created Griffin for the Magic City Festival in Dresden, Germany, which opened October 1st and closes January 8th. To create the effect, Truly painted the griffin’s body onto walls and sculptural elements jutting out of the floor and walls. At the perfect angle all of the painted elements come together to produce the anamorphic optical illusion. The result? Simply magical:

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